End of this year’s Speaking Classes


Well… another year has come to an end for our English speaking classes. As you know, in 2012-13 we started offering English speaking classes in 4º ESO, and this year it was extended to 1º ESO. Each year the speaking classes are progressively being offered to more year groups.

Everyone has worked really hard and progressed a lot. In 4º ESO, we had a lot of fun this year, especially when we celebrated St. Patrick’s day and made desserts following English recipes in class. It has been a pleasure teaching you and I am sure you will go on to achieve great things in life… I wish you all the best for the future 4ºESO students!

This was the first year of English speaking in 1ºESO and, at the beginning, it was quite challenging. But we’ve come a long way over the year and done all sorts of different activities: songs, games, videos, debates. I look forward to working with you all again in 2ºESO!

Have a nice summer everyone! Thanks for your hard work and see you all again in September.

Andrew Cropper

Secondary English Teacher (speaking)